Design, development, manufacturing, rental, distribution and maintenance – we offer you your turnkey ice rink. Everything from one source!

The Fribourg company La Pati SA was founded in 2005 and specializes in the production of ice rinks. We are a renowned company that has several professional departments that take care of the design, development, production, maintenance, renovation and management of ice rinks.

We undertake the (sustainable) construction and operation of the facilities, then provide continuous monitoring and offer customized maintenance of the infrastructure.

Whether you want to rent or buy an ice rink with equipment – we are your ice rink specialist. We are able to realize a wide variety of ice rink projects and excel in the in-house construction of mobile and fixed kits as well as in efficient cost control (especially in the area of energy).

We have constructed 534 ice rinks from November 2004 to March 2021 and built ice rinks over 238’795 m2.

Whether buying, renting, optimizing or maintaining – we are the right partner for ice rinks!

La Pati SA pursues a sustainable development of its ice rinks.

We are a member of the Minergie building label and follow a modern environmental policy. Therefore, in the development and construction of our ice rinks, we have made it our mission to systematically use renewable energies, ecological materials (the basic structure is made of Swiss wood, for example) and technologies for efficient energy management. This commitment includes the recovery of energy: The rinks are self-sufficient and produce as much electricity as they effectively consume (especially through photovoltaics).

Sustainability is a priority for us! We are continuously looking for recyclable products and for products that have a low environmental impact in their production.

In the case of a mobile ice rink, we return the site to its original condition after dismantling. In terms of development, we consume on average 4 times less energy than our competitors.

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