Mobile structure

Our ice rinks are as individual as our customers.

Modular and simple

We offer a basic structure that includes an ice area and various annexes that are essential for the smooth running of a sports area (entrance and reception, changing rooms sanitary facilities, first aid station, restaurant with entrance and exit to the ice, skate rental, etc.). Each client can customize and adapt the plan according to his needs (duration of the rental period, target public of the ice rink, etc.) and the available land.

La Pati SA ice rinks are perfect for various ice sports, whether for competitions (certified ice rink), training or leisure.

Outdoor ice rinks

We manufacture mobile outdoor ice rinks, which can be from a few square meters up to 1800 m2! Outdoor ice rinks are designed with the aim that they resemble a private swimming pool in terms of purchase and operation. Easy to assemble and disassemble, durable and sustainable design, the mobile kit can be set up at any location.

Indoor ice rinks

Whether in a shopping mall, a hotel or a parking garage; we have the product! Designed according to the same concept as the mobile outdoor rinks, the mobile indoor rinks are manufactured according to the needs and wishes of the customers.

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