Equipment and accessories

Complete equipment

We equip the entire ice rink with the necessary equipment, according to the customer’s wishes and needs. All our products are for sale or alternatively can be rented for a few days or several months. The ice rink can be transformed into a playing field for ice hockey players (markings, goals, nets, flexible boards that meet the standards set by the SIHF, etc.), a curling rink or a curling rink (petanque on ice). We are also your partner in the manufacture and installation of new platforms and benches in the ice rink and support you with ice machines if necessary.


We are the Swiss supplier of Vepe flexboard boards. VEPE SAFE BOARDS are manufactured according to the new rules and requirements of IIHF. They reduce head and body injuries on impact and ensure a safer playing surface.

Our customers benefit from the following features, among others:

– A lower rail.
– Narrow, flexible and rounded handrails between the boards and spectator protection.
– Flexible structure to absorb shock on impact.
– The spectator guard is made of flexible acrylic/polycarbonate (instead of tempered glass).


We equip your ice rink completely, according to your wishes and needs.

Whether skates, petanque, log cabins for skate rental, gates or aids for skating – we have the equipment for you.

Ice machine

La Pati SA is the Swiss representative of the Olympia Icebear brand. We offer ice machines and ice slicers.

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